Do you want to Sell your vehicle that still has a lien on it?Do you want out of your finance contract?
Retain FinanceBusters and Sell your vehicle the FinanceBusters Way....
Selling the FinanceBusters Way is all about selling a used vehicle and selling the finance contract as one combined value package to the Buyer.
Canada’s # 1 Finance-Take-Over Marketplace: FinanceBusters has developed the largest and best Finance Take Over marketplace that introduces our Buyers to our Sellers. The FinanceBusters audience is looking for late model used vehicles that have excellent payments as part of the deal. FinanceBusters shares their Search Engine with LeaseBusters causing more Search Results and more Buyers considering your vehicle.
FinanceBusters - A division of LeaseBusters: Leasebusters has been Canada’s # 1 Lease-Take-Over Marketplace and the Lease Take Over leader since 1990. The FinanceBusters Buying and Selling method is effectively the same as the LeaseBusters method with success virtually guaranteed based on our system.
Market Value and Market Position Evaluations: FinanceBusters will evaluate and assess the market value and market position of every vehicle and finance contract at no charge. The FinanceBusters evaluation will determine the eligibility of the combined vehicle-finance contract package plus outline the pros and cons of the deal. The Evaluation also provides advice and insights on enhancing the market position of the package deal which will improve the chances of (quick) success.
Used Vehicle Professionals and your own Account Manager: The FinanceBusters sales analyst team are all licensed motor vehicle dealer professionals. The analyst assigned to your account will perform the vehicle-finance contract evaluation and be your Account Manager for as long as it takes your vehicle to Sell. The FinanceBusters sales analyst team have an inclusive knowledge base of all used vehicles in the marketplace and are finance contract experts. This knowledge and skill set provides a winning and success-based combination that will make the overall FinanceBusters experience easy and seamless.
One Time Fee - Low Cost Solution: FinanceBusters charges our Sellers a one-time registration fee of $295.00 plus GST (GST & QST in Quebec). The registration fee and associated listing is valid until the vehicle has been sold (regardless of the timeline). There will be other (non-FinanceBusters) costs of sale required in the transaction; these costs and disbursements are thoroughly disclosed during the (no-charge) evaluation phase of the registration.
Large Display Listing: Every Seller receives a large display "Details Page" that thoroughly depicts all aspects of the Vehicle and the Finance Contract including the following highlights:
  Up to 7 actual photos
  Complete vehicle information chart
  Standard and optional features (plus aftermarket items)
  Main feature chart
  Payment disclosure/Term Disclosure/Finance Contract Disclosure
  Market value comparison chart
  Top 10 reasons why your vehicle is a great deal
  Seller’s comments section
  "Make an Offer" tool
Click here to review an example of a FinanceBusters Details Page.
My FinanceBusters Account: Every Seller receives, at no charge, their very own personal profile account that consists of several Selling tools including the following highlights:
My FinanceBusters Account:
  Buyer Matches from our "Hot-Buyers-List"
  Buyer Matches email and text message notifications
  Direct online offers from our Buyers
  Secured email to converse with Buyers (profile to profile)
  Ability to Edit and update listings
Your account is automatically set up as a joint profile account with Leasebusters and can be accessed through either websites using your email address and a password selected by you.
Vast Exposure - Huge Website Audience: We have partnered with many of the largest local, provincial and national websites and print media to get your vehicle maximum exposure. FinanceBusters and our parent company LeaseBusters have a national radio campaign that also drives significant traffic to our websites. The key to the success of our blanket advertising concept is to not only expose your specific vehicle in several areas, but more importantly to direct as much Buyer traffic as possible to to view all of the vehicles...including yours!!
Finance-Take-Over How-To Guide: This in-depth guide and best practices document will walk you through all of the 'ins and outs' of the finance contract transfer process. Based on all of the insider knowledge and experience that we have gathered over the years, following the How-To-Guide will make your deal professional, positive and seamless.
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