Q: Does FinanceBusters verify that the declaration(s) on each posted vehicle is accurate?

A: Unfortunately it is impossible for FinanceBusters to inspect each vehicle due to the volume of listings and national scope of the website and our business. We do interview each Seller and make sure that they fully understand that there are vehicle declarations that must be disclosed and they will be posted on their listing.

Q: How can I confirm the declarations of an Integrity Pre-Owned vehicle that I found on FinanceBusters.com?

A: Confirming the declarations can be done by first reviewing a CARFAX vehicle history report. Once the vehicle has been deemed "clean" by CARFAX, then you should have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanical facility to confirm the accuracy of the report. It is recommended that during this inspection that the mechanical facility performs a Safety check on the vehicle that will be needed to transfer the ownership.

Q: Do I undertake the same declaration confirmation process for dealership listings?

A: You certainly can follow the same declaration process mentioned and/or you can have the dealership include their integrity declaration on the bill of sale; always be sure to receive a CARFAX report from the selling dealership for your records.

Q: Why do some listings have a loan transfer option and other listings only have buy-now prices?

A: Only some finance companies will permit their loan contracts to be transferred to a new customer. At this time, all chartered banks in Canada will not allow their loans to be transferred; as a result, there is only a buy-now price.

Q: How do I list or post my vehicle on FinanceBusters.com

A: Click here to start the process. It is really easy and every Seller on FinanceBusters.com will have a FinanceBusters IPO Specialist assigned to their account to assist them throughout the process.

Q: What do I do if there’s a vehicle that I want and I also want to take over the loan contract?

A: Click hereto download the FinanceBusters Process Checklist. Work very closely and patiently with the Seller and the dealership in order to make the transaction go smoothly and efficiently

Q: Can I make a down payment or use my trade-in on a vehicle that has a loan transfer option?

A: No. A loan or finance contract cannot be altered or changed in any fashion. If you have a trade-in you can either try to sell it privately or sell it to an interested dealer.

Q: If I take over a finance/loan contract, am I buying the vehicle?

A: Yes. You are buying a used vehicle, paying tax on the vehicle and assuming the existing loan contract as opposed to arranging for a new loan. The vehicle registration/ownership will be in your name at the time of signing.

Q: How much does it cost to post my vehicle on FinanceBusters and how long will my posting remain on the website?

A: It costs $199 plus applicable sales taxes to post your vehicle on FinanceBusters.com and your vehicle will remain posted until it sells

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