Buying.....the FinanceBusters Way

Buying the FinanceBusters Way is all about taking over the Sellers vehicle loan payment.

Buying the FinanceBusters Way is also referred to or known as a "Finance Take Over", a payment transfer as well as several other synonyms describing the transaction.

Buying the FinanceBusters Way is an alternative method of purchasing a used vehicle privately that provides an existing finance contract with the purchase of the used vehicle.

Used Vehicle + Finance Contract = Buying the FinanceBusters Way

There are several benefits to Buying the FinanceBusters Way over the traditional method of private or dealer used vehicle purchasing. The following list reviews just some of the major benefits:

Almost New Vehicles Monthly Payment Purchasing
Vehicle Selection Low Interest Rates
Pay Off Your Loan Faster Pay Less Tax
Saves Money Cash Incentives
Full Disclosure Evaluated Listings
One Owner Vehicles Extra Charges

Almost New Vehicles: FinanceBusters vehicles are typically almost new vehicles that have a new vehicle finance contract included with the package. Buying the FinanceBusters Way allows the Buyer to privately purchase an almost new vehicle and enjoy all the benefits of buying a new vehicle as well as enjoy all the benefits of buying privately. Buying the FinanceBusters Way provides the best of both worlds.

Monthly Payment Purchasing: In most cases when a Buyer is in the market for a late model used vehicle; the Buyer has a price budget and is price shopping. Quite often, the monthly payment for the vehicle budget is unknown until the Buyer speaks to their bank or a dealership business office. The FinanceBusters vehicle has a fixed monthly payment that is part of the vehicle transaction; the Buyer performs combined searches for the vehicle and the payment in order to find the package that meets their needs.

Vehicle Selection: FinanceBusters has the used vehicles that most used car dealers want more of but canít always find. FinanceBusters allows Sellers to put their vehicles up for sale in an environment that makes the sale more affordable and beneficial to the Seller; this causes more Selection and more activity within the market.

Low Interest Rates: Buying the FinanceBusters Way allows a Buyer to be the recipient of a finance contract with subsidized interest rate from 0% on a privately purchased used vehicle. Subsidized interest rates lower the amount of interest paid on the loan which lowers the overall purchase price of the vehicle.

Pay Off Your Loan Faster: Buying the FinanceBusters Way offers a Buyer a finance contract that has fewer months remaining (less term) than conventional used vehicle loans that are available after purchasing a new or used vehicle the "Normal Way". The reduced term allows the Buyer to pay off the loan faster (which lowers the overall purchase price of the vehicle and saves the Buyer money).

Pay Less Tax: The FinanceBusters way allows buyers to only pay taxes on the wholesale amount of the vehicle, not retail value of the vehicle. In most cases the Sellers are even willing to negotiate this with the buyer and sometimes split this cost or even cover these taxes entirely. Either way these lower taxes is a direct benefit of a Finance Take over and is just another way to save the buyer money.

Saves Money: Buying the FinanceBusters Way saves money when comparing a Finance Take Over with the Normal Way of purchasing a similar used vehicle. Every Finance Take Over vehicle comes with a Compare and Save chart that clearly outlines why Buying the FinanceBusters Way saves the Buyer money compared to buying the normal way. Be sure to click on the Compare and Save chart to see how much money you are saving by selecting the Finance Take Over vehicle of your choice

Cash Incentives: Many FinanceBusters Sellers are offering cash (paid directly to the Buyer) in order to make their vehicle more attractive the Buyer(s) and to make their vehicle sell quicker. Buying the FinanceBusters Way allows the Buyer to be supplied with some extra cash to lower the effective monthly payment, purchase insurance, pay down their personal credit cards or anything else the Buyer wishes to do with their money.

Full Disclosure: Buying the FinanceBusters way provides the Buyer with all the existing finance contract documents and other vehicle paperwork in advance of making a deal. This type of advanced full disclosure allows the Buyer to fully understand the transaction and their obligations prior to making a deal. The full disclosure is also presented by the Seller when the Buyer is looking at the used vehicle (rather than after). Buying the FinanceBusters Way means no surprises after the fact and no surprises after the deal is done.

Evaluated Listings: Every vehicle offered by FinanceBusters has been evaluated and assessed by a FinanceBusters sales analyst. FinanceBusters assures that the market position and market value of every vehicle offered is consistent with the market. Buying the FinanceBusters Way allows vehicle professionals to do the market value research for you.

One Owner Vehicles: The majority of all FinanceBusters Vehicles are one-owner used vehicles that were previously owned by an individual. FinanceBusters vehicles were not previously used as daily rental vehicles, commercial fleet vehicles or company cars. FinanceBusters vehicles are typically late model used vehicles that are owned by people who want to sell their vehicle(s) for various reasons (due to some change in their lives or lifestyles).

Extra Charges: Buying the FinanceBusters Way eliminates the need to pay the extra charges that are usually associated with a new car such as Freight, PDI, Air Conditioning Taxes, Fuel Taxes and any other levies that are typically charged when purchasing a new vehicle.

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